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850 Gateview Court San Jose Ca 95133

2021 schedule
March 27th Saturday thru April 3rd Saturday
Noon till 5 PM - Every day


Since 1985 Rich Santoro, aka The Bulb Guy, has dug, dropped, covered, watered and stepped awaaaaaay from some 125,000. spring bulbs.

Each year Rich invites the general public to The Bulb Guy Garden Show free of charge. 4000 to 7000 bulbs are buried each year by Rich himself on his ¼ acre garden. Aside from the aroma and sites of spring, the garden acts as a tool for teaching. Rich knows the importance of good first hand knowledge and is willing to share all his bulb garden secrets along with a plethora of garden stories and and jokes to entertain you during your visit.

The planting process begins in late August for Rich in the Greater Bay Area of San Jose Ca. 300 plus misc pots, which account for approx 2000 + bulbs are repotted first. The 13 raised beds are tackled next. Fresh new bulbs are purchased each year for the raised beds to insure a near 100% bloom for the following years show. The remaining bulbs from the previous year in the raised beds are used in the peripheral areas. The entire process from start to finish takes approx 4 months. All bulbs are protected with a plastic 1 X 1 inch mesh to ward off unwanted critters.

Rich pushes the limit with daffodils by planting them January 15 or later to push their bloom into late March or first week of April to coincide with the tulips, ranunculus, scalia and the rest of the spring bulb familia. Wild flowers are also incorporated in the design. Intermingled with some of the surrounding areas are blue salvia greggi, alyssum, California poppy and shirley poppy. If a weed has color it gets to stay.

The Bulb Guy name was given to Rich in 2009 by the late Holly Hayes, a San Jose Mercury News garden columnist. Rich responded to Holly’s request for “Projects in The Garden”. An issuing article was written, The Bulb Guy A Man On A Mission.

Since then Rich’s Garden has graced front covers of town papers, included in city calendars and was featured on KNTV’s Garvin Thomas’s Bay Area Proud in April 2012 more recently Rich was written up by Joan Morris of The San Jose Mercury News which hit the press April 2013.

Rich’s goal is to make bulb gardening “water cooler” conversation as in how is your bulb garden doing? Rich’s other interests are collecting plastic wind up toys ( he has about 400 ), P90X workouts, stand up comedy, an avid track & field buff and sings in the San Jose Jazz Festival yearly with two of the finest big bands in the Bay Area ( Millenium Sounds & Swing Solution ) with his sister Joyce McCulloch.

The annual Bulb Guy Show runs for nine days usually the first week of April.

See you in the garden.


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